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Want a little sip? Haha! by ani-kii Want a little sip? Haha! by ani-kii

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Hanamaya, Kotetsu17maleApril 1st183cm; 134lbsThird YearJapanesetbaBasketball

【 P e r s o n a l i t y 】

[ Happy-Go-Lucky ] Kotetsu is very optimistic guy and likes to throw off any negative feelings towards the back of his head. He loves to make other people smile and see their smiling pretty faces. It makes him very warm inside to know that these people are smiling whether it not just be because of him and someone else made them happy.

[ Daredevil ] Kotetsu can be rather the daring person. He’ll do many of the extremes, after all, what’s life if you can’t have any spice in your life y’know? Although, that’s his own belief. He’ll jump off a plane for you if that would make you happy. He’ll jump in front of a bear for you to keep you safe. He’ll pretty do much anything as long as he’s doing it for a reason. Though this part of him could come off from the fact that he wishes to join the army in the future. You’ve got to risk everything during war.

[ Intelligent ] From an upbringing of veteran soldiers, his parents were strict upon his education. Although he didn’t mind either way in the end. He loved reading as a kid and even read his whole textbooks if he had the time. He still does this now and loves to read fantasy, adventure, and horror genres. He does fairly well in all of his subjects, especially English.

[ Violent ] If Kotetsu does get into a bad mood, he’ll snap at you anytime. He’s like a balloon. Once you provoke him to a certain point, he’ll pop and throw out anything at you. He doesn’t hold back anything whether you be a girl or a guy, although expect him to be more harsher if you were a guy.

【 L i k e s / D i s l i k e s 】

+ Meat
+ Vanilla + Chocolate Milkshakes
+ Vegetables
+ Running
+ Cherries

- Sleeping
- Cockroaches
- Candy
- Sound of a clicking pen
- Being woken up

【 H i s t o r y 】

Kotetsu grew up around a military type of family that has lived on military grounds. He has two little sisters, one of them being a year younger than him and the other, only 12 years of age. His father was part of the military, but his mother was taking on military courses, but dropped out, because of having children and decided herself to become a florist instead, so that she could stay closer to her children to protect them. The household is quite strict in terms of education and physical fitness. They hold a large responsibility towards Kotetsu, for he is the only son and the oldest in the family. Kotetsu however, doesn't mind at all. More or so, he was very intelligent at such a young age, for the harsh conditions that his father gave him, making him study 24/7, even during his summer breaks. Kotetsu is athletic at the same time too, with the help of his mother and sisters, who train with him constantly to stay fit too.

Upon Kotetsu’s father going into war during when he was around the age of 14, his mother as their father was gone, grew ill one day and was charged into the hospital. His mother had a stroke for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Upon trying to recover, she had another stroke during the process and died in her hospital bed. Before she has died, Kotetsu was given a ring, which he is currently wearing. Engraved was his name on the outside and on the inside were his parents name. Sadly, the day that Kotetsu’s mother had died was on the day of his birthday, and as an early gift, a ring from his mother.

Shortly after her death, there father finally came home from war and was able to survive. He was first informed of his wife's death through coming home, and almost fell to his knees as he heard it. However, the brave soldier he is, he took it all in and made funeral arrangements for Kotetsu’s mother. Day after day their mothers death, there was little weeps of crying that could be heard throughout the whole house, especially from their father. Kotetsu’s littlest sister started to sleep with Kotetsu for a while, because of loneliness and sadness that their mother was gone.

Kotetsu made a resolution to wanting to become part of the military, or rather he has already set his goals on it even before this happened. But it lit a fire in him, to wanting to pursue in it more, to achieve his mother's dream and to make his father happy. Every since, their father has rarely smiled and got stricter by the minute.

【 Let’s go and play!】


【 Want a sip? *winky face*】

【 r e l a t i o n s h i p s 】


【 v o i c e 】


【 e x t r a 】

- He doesn't have a sweet tooth, but still loves milkshakes.
- He has a large appetite.
- He's very talented with doing tricks with his tongue, and likes to tie knots with cherry stems.
- His feathered bracelet was made by his youngest sister as a good luck charm.
- He likes to play basketball often and is pretty good at it and teaches his little sister to play, in all honesty the middle sister is better than him, since she wishes to participate in the Japanese Women Basketball Olympics. 
- His little sisters name are Hime (middle) and Kimchi (youngest). 

【 g a u r d i a n   c h a r a c t e r 】

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