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August 15, 2013
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MS: Nero by ani-kii MS: Nero by ani-kii
*changed animal
*change Angelus bio
*changed the bio_ added more in depth about his lil brother

asdfasdf painting animals :iconoelplz:
used a reference ; v ;
my back hurts


[ Name ] Nero • Kagayaki [ Age ] 19
[ Gender ] Male [ Height ] 5'4

[ Nationality ] Born and raised in France_{ 25% French/American || 50% Japanese

[ Personality ] Narcissistic | Boaster | Attention Seeker | Oblivious | Caring | Unaware

Narcisstic_{ He thinks of himself as a gorgeous person, way better than girls. He has pride in his looks, even though might some think different. He's like a prince and sometimes refer to people as peasants and or servants. He acts very feminine at times and sometimes he does wish he had been born a girl.

Boaster_{ He boasts about his looks and appearance, mostly when you give him something reflective. His attitude changes and such and is only centered on himself, not minding the others around him.

Attention Seeker_{ Being ignored and shunned most of his childhood life, he likes to be the center of attention. The main character in a play. He wants to be noticed and not be cast off to the side like a side character in a manga.

Oblivious_{ He doesn't know about his surroundings and has a short attention span when talking and or listening to people, unless it concerns him.

Caring_{ Despite his boasting attitude, he can care for people like a normal person would. You can see this when he visits his little brother in the hospital. He cares deeply down for people and wants to save people from harm, which is part of a reason why he decided to stick with Nova. He wants to help people and do something good for the community even though he thinks of it as a repulsive place.

Unaware_{ He is unaware of his surroundings, because of his main focus of himself. This leaves him as a good target to fight against first, because he won't notice you.

[ Likes ] Looking at himself • Compliments • Shiny things • Classical dancing • Kissing • His brother • Stuffed animals • Cute things • Dresses • Being Cool

[ Dislikes ] Being called ugly • Prettier people than him • Gangsters • Crying • Being confined in a small room • Lightning • Rain

[ Biography ]

As a little child, Nero has been a spoiled brat that always asked for things and his parents would always do so, because they had the money. Nero grew rather narcisstic about himself at a young age too, always boating about himself in front of his classmates, which always distaned themselves from him because he was selfish. Though, Nero never minded and always played by himself usually in the sandy areas to build a castle and pretend he was king of it. Nero had no time to worry about himself, but for his little brother, Shi, that could die at anytime, to his very fragile body. Shi was a fragile kid and was always concealed in a hospital room. There parents started to get busier and busier everyday and could not visit Shi in the hospital, nor take care of Nero who was always alone at home. Nero though was practically the only one that visited Shi on a daily basis, always bringing some sort of present everyday, usually flowers. Nero had always a liking for Shi, always wanting to protect him from harm. He was the protective kind, maybe the little over too protective kind. If Shi asked Nero to take him outside, he'd decline and leave it right there. The outside world was a cruel place in Nero's mind and didn't want Shi to be caught up in it. He wanted to confine him in this hospital bed where everything was safer.

Maybe Nero was right or maybe he was wrong about the outside. It didn't matter, Nero will always be Nero. He will always be himself. That is why he hasn't changed when he was little. He's always been the narcissistic person, it was a way for him to cheer himself up. I'm beautiful. I'm pretty. I'll be the most gorgeous person in the world. No one will be able to live up to my standards. No one.

Nero's world started to tear little by little and one day it shattered into little pieces. Secretly, Shi had a longing to step outside from his hospital bed, outside of the hospital overall. Being confined in the hospital made Shi feel as if he was a caged animal that was suppose to lay there until he was needed. Shi practically lost many of his humanity, sometimes having tantrums inside of his room because of this reason. He wanted to get out and see the open world like his brother can. Shi secretly envied his brother and hated him, but never said anything to him at all. After all, they were brothers. Shi denied his brothers love and Nero will never know Shi's true feelings about him.

One day, Shi looked out the window to notice a man hiding within trees that were nearby the hospital. But no matter, he didn't mind. Must've been a normal person right? At least that's what it seemed to Shi. Only several minutes after Shi saw this man, there was a gun shot noise on the bottom floors beneath him. The lights suddenly flickered off and the doctors and nursers that were in his room started running out of the room, but only a few were let out when a doctor suddenly shut the door and locked it up telling everyone to calm down and to be quiet. And so that's what everyone did, everyone shaking with fear. On the other hand, Shi seemed calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside he was scared down to the bone. He clenched his chest that started to hurt, due to one of his conditions: chest pain. There was suddenly a knock on the door and everyone stood perfectly quiet that you could even hear a pen drop. Then there were footsteps that seemed to be leaving his area, until Shi groaned out in pain very loudly that the footsteps that were leaving, came back and with a shove to the door by this anonymous person, the door went tumbling down and out came a gun. The man that Shi saw before, was the same man right now facing him in this very room. Everyone in the room stayed in there positions not getting up, having there hands behind their head, but as for Shi, he kept moving around in his bed because of his chest pain. The man kept telling Shi to put his hands behind his back and he would've if he could. BAM. A bullet was released from the gun and aimed right on a vital point near his stomach. Shi came tumbling down onto the floor and all he could remember was that of shrieks from the other hostages as he died slowly, taking his final breathe.

"I knew it. I couldn't protect him. I knew the outside was a terrible place. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.....was it all my fault?"

After Shi's burial ceremony, Nero refused to leave the cemetery and clinged onto his little brothers tombstone, crying his eyes out. Eventually, he had to be forcefully pulled by others to get him to stop from this. Many of them cried with Nero when he still clinged onto his brothers tombstone. You could feel that Nero had a deep affection for his little brother. As of then, Nero went through depression. But, he did not resolve down to cutting or such. He did not think of suicide. The only thoughts he would think of was his brother and solely his brother. You could feel the depressed aura around him, even when he walked through the streets. It made him a great target for one of the gangs that lurked around.


[ Magical Name ] Super Soldier Silver Spoon

[ Color ] Silver Sand

[ Quote ] "The only gem I see is moi. Silver Spoon, unlock!"

[ Stellar Power ] 1

[ Heart Gem ]

Bracelet_{ The bracelt were paired braclets given to him and his little brother by his parents. Ever since his brother died, he's treasured this bracelt more than anything.


► Angelus Bio

Prior to the attack on Angellion, Nova was a very calm and collected worker. He was nice and he was generous, everything about him you could say was perfect. At least that's how he acted while he was working. His job on Angellion was that of a butler, he served and he worked under for other Angelus on Angellion. He had manners and he was what you could say a very uptight person. Though as I said, this was just his mask during work. In reality, Nova was a very lazy Angelus that loafed around in his home all day, not giving a damn of anything around him. He had a very small narcissistic side to him, thinking of himself that he was the best. After all, he was big and he was strong. His only motivation in wanting to work as a butler, was to see all the females and or males in maid dresses. At least in his final form that is, though not very much on the strong side. It was just in his head. That's when the attack on Angellion began.

Nova fell to the Earth, having the appearance of a baby arctic wolf, but was mistaken as a dog by people that never had seen an arctic wolf before. For all these years that he has been on Earth, he has been searching for a human to represent himself. Though, through out the years he has seen no humans that fit up to his standards. So, he just roamed around the lands, searching far and wide. Boarding on trains, boats, airplanes. He traveled high and low still searching for that one special person that he could call an equal and have them companion with him.

► Encounter

As he searched, he stumbled upon a little gang fight with an innocent passerby. This small gang was pinning the passerby and was kicking and punching him in an alley way. The other people around that area only ignored it, not wanting to get involved.

"This is wrong. This is very wrong. Why isn't anyone trying to help."

Nova walked slowly towards the fight, but was interrupted.


A boy with gray/black hair shouted out at the gang and sounded very mad, this boy was none other than Nero. The gang started to lose interest into this passerbyer, and had their eyes set onto Nero's. They forcefully started to grab him, pushing him onto the wall, harassing him.

"You've got such a pretty face, yet you're a male. What a waste this is."

"Heh, yeah I'm gourgeous. Way better than a female, you shit. What are you gonna do about it, huh?"

The gang only laughed and started to assault Nero, trying to rip off his clothes, Nero did try to fight back but he was only one person.

On Nova's side, he only saw Nero as a sparkling person. He defended that person and took his place as the new victim. While no one else had the guts to do anything, he did even though he already knew the consequences. Nova took a liking at Nero, and protected him. Nova charged in at the group, and bit everyone making them bleed down to the bone with his powerful bites. This left sometime for Nero to be able to escape while the gang has their eyes set on Nova. And so, Nero tried escaping when he heard Nova whimper in pain when the gang threw him at a wall. It stirred up a raging flame inside of Nero when he heard the animal whimper and kicked and punched all the gang members when they had their defenses down.

"Hah! These martial arts training haven't been a waste."

He carried Nova and ran as fast as he could to get out of sight from the gang, and treat Nova as quickly as he could and take care of him for the time being. That's when Nova thought to himself that this was the special person that he had been looking for all through this years.

► Present

Once Nova had revealed himself to Nero and explained everything to him about what has happened to him and his duty, Nero only heard blahblahblahblah, until Nova had said, "You are my special person that I've been looking for all these years. You are an equal to me." That's when Nero started paying attention and agreed to being his partner to represent him for Nova. Rather, Nero was mostly in it for the magical boy transformations.

There lifestyles now have shifted quite a bit. Nova is now listed as Nero's pet dog that he found somewhere on the streets. Nova is usually always by Nero's side, but both usually always found separated every 5 minutes because Nero is always going off places where it's interesting and or if it's a reflection. Nova sometimes has his doubts on whether Nero was this special person that he had been looking when he's like this.


► Weapon: Spoon and Fork

► Name: Rova//Revolution ↔ Nero combined the last two letters of his name and Nova's. Ne[ro] + No[va] = Rova ↔ He also likes calling it Revolution, because it sounds cool.

► Description:

A giant version of a regular silver spoon and fork that he uses to whack or defend himself against. The spoon usually acts his shield and the fork as his main use for physical attacks, due to it pointy ends. Though they both can be used equally for defensive and offensive skills. They are more efficient in close ranged battles.


► Name: Spoon Riflettente ( Reflective Spoon )

► Description:

An average defensive skill mainly used with his Spoon weapon, but can be used with his Fork. If the opponent attacks with a long ranged attack ( ex: fire balls ) it'll be reflected from the spoon and changes targets towards the opponent unless he/she moves out of target.
The move does not work against psychical type attacks.

When the non psychical move is reflected, there is a bright light caving inside of the spoon when the attack is reflected. Once the move is reflected, the glow dies down.


[ Little Brother ]

[ Languages he knows ]

` Fluent Japanese
` Fluent English
` Basic French
` Basic Italian

[ Voice ]…

[ Relationships ]…

Nero's Themes:

Character Song_{…

Main Theme _{…
Main Theme 2_{

Everyday Life_{…
Relaxation_ {…
Let's have a good time!_{…
LET' GO!!!_{…
Nero's Manner Lessons_{…
I'm beautiful aren't I?_{…

Don't mess with me, bastard_{…

I give up_{…
I'll be Alright_{…

Main Battle Theme_{…
Intense Battle_{…
Regaining Confidence_{…

Nova's Themes:

Character Song_{…
Character Song 2_ {…

Main Theme_{…
Main Theme 2_{…
Main Theme 3_ {

Our first meeting..._{…
Bubbly Life_{…
Keep smiling_{…
May I comfort you?_{…

As I howl into the night remembering my past life_{
Walking in my past to the present_{
Stand up_{…
This is not goodbye_{…
Don't lose faith_{…

Main Battle Theme_{…
Intense Battle_{…
Get prepared to battle_{
Getting Serious_{

I am srsly not gomen about the themes :iconmingcoolplz:
i literally searched all night bc i was bored :iconkidcraiplz:
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